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Mar. 20 Arborg Legion @ 7:30 pm. 

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Mar 18, 2019

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President & Snoman Rep:  Les Thordarson - president@interlakesnowtrackers.ca  (204) 642-8981

Vice President: Mike Chudd -vpresident@interlakesnowtrackers.ca  (204) 642-3598
Treasurer:  Braden Thordarson -  treasurer@interlakesnowtrackers.ca  (204) 642-8981
Secretary : Cindy McRae  -  secretary@interlakesnowtrackers.ca  (204)642-7234

Webmaster: Lynn Enns -  webmaster@interlakesnowtrackers.ca  (204)227-2272

*  All other snowmobiling information WWW.SNOMAN.MB.CA 

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